I write down in here after every major war, battle, event, everything. The dates are when I wrote that entry in here.

3RD JULY 2014

Sometime shortly after the creation of the Royal Penguins. Records of this have been lost, it’s all from my own memory.

We discovered that an army called the Smart Penguins had been editing pictures, multilogging and chat recruiting! Us, the Purple Republic (albeit a fake version) and a few other smaller armies formed the Royal Purple alliance and were able to come to a treaty with SP that meant their leader had to go, they would go off the top ten for a week because of multilogging and that RP would help SP if they ever had a war, and that SP would help RP if they ever had a war. The Royal Penguins got some of the best sizes they had ever seen before, reaching 25+ at some points. This interestingly meant that the Royal Penguins had the largest Ausia (Australia/New Zealand/Asia) in all of armies.




6TH JULY 2014

Another big war we had was a very important one, ”The Guardian War”. Tensions between the Royal Penguins and the Guardian Penguins were growing a lot, because RP had accused GP of hiring someone to DDoS their leaders during a tournament, causing RP to lose the tournament.  GP had accused RP of multilogging and faking the DDoS. RP did not do this, and so tensions were created. Eventually it just got too big, and, I, Tobercold declared war on GP. It was the first act I did as leader. The war was very interesting, as GP had scheduled invasions for the first week, RP after it. GP was expecting three easy invasions, as they had planned them in UK times (at the time RP was a mainly Ausia, US army) but, RP stood their ground and managed to win all of their defences. RP then invaded GP, and won with sizes of 15 compared to 5. GP surrendered straight after this battle and came to a treaty that meant GP became  colony of RP, RP gave GP back their server and that all accusations of RP multilogging would be halted immediately. GP fell out of the top 15 shortly after, and RP felt their goal had been completed and so released GP from being a colony. There were sizes of 20+ all the way to a low of 5 during this war, but in the end the Royal Penguins won.


22ND AUGUST 2014

In the summer of 2014, the raid group Purple Republic and the army Redemption Force teamed up with the Royal Penguins to form an alliance to defeat RPF.Many battles were fought and in the end, the dictator of RPF, Mr Waffles 45 was removed and the original leaders returned, meaning that the RPF was saved and could now prosper.When the war ended, the alliance disbanded with peace, apart from RF and RP having a few disagreements. The Purple Republic went back to being a raid group from an army and the Royal Penguins died. But they were not gone forever.


19TH JULY 2015

In June 2015, a new alliance was created, an alliance called the Small Medium Defence Legion. They had the goal of defending Smaller armies from larger armies. Or so they claimed.

The SMDL have the ultimate goal of invading every army’s server, and thus owning all armies. Few sane armies are left to defend against the SMDL, with no armies inside it being allowed to do anything, as it is mostly the Army Republic forcing control. Many armies were threatened into joining. If you ask a leader of SMDL, they will tell you that it was a peaceful ”treaty”

This is a lie. All the SMDL want is total control of all armies. I saw injustice in this. I saw what was wrong.

I re created the Royal Penguins straight away, and formed another alliance. AR have seen this as a major threat (rightly) and are now trying to claim that they only want to be an ally. This is a lie to try and force us into their evil alliance, just like all the other armies in it. We will fight against them. We will destroy them.


You start it, we end it.

The only army that is defending against this is the Royal Penguins, with their alliance, the Club Penguin Small Medium Treaty Organisation or CPSMTO.

CPSMTO is now in a cold war with SMDL. SMDL are threatening the Royal Penguins everyday, and will attack any day.

What happens from here on out will be decided in the next few months.

Good luck soldiers.



  •  To project our power around CP, defending our ally’s servers in foreign territory.
  • To keep a stable and large force at home and defend from any attackers.
  • To use all 3 divisions, Navy, Air force and army effectively and efficiently.
  • To keep peace, with force.
  • To prevent evil alliances from succeeding.

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